Donations tracker EP2024

In the six months leading to European elections, European political parties and foundations are required to transmit, every week, to the Authority on European Political Parties and European Political Foundations (APPF) the donations they have received. The APPF is striving to publish these donations on an expedited basis. We track this data to make it more readable and transparent.


Note: the APPF published data on 19 December 2023, and then on 8 and 11 January 2024 but for the year 2023 (on 11 January, it separately published donations for the year 2024). We can therefore attribute these last two batches of donations for 2023 to the period 20-31 December 2023. Likewise, data on donations to foundations for the year 2023 was published on 11 and 15 January; these donations can be attributed to the period 20-31 December 2023.

For more information on European political parties and the donations they receive, visit the European Party Funding Observatory (EPFO) of the European Democracy Consulting Stiftung.

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