Visualising European parties’ MEP membership

Many MEPs are members of European political parties, either directly or indirectly. However, neither the European Parliament or the Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations (APPF) provide information on the relationship between European party membership and EP group membership, or a breakdown of party membership by nationality. European Democracy Consulting has you covered.

Cross-membership between European political parties and EP political groups


#0B5CBF;">Key figures
  • Memberships of EPP/EPP Group and PES/S&D are very homogeneous, with the S&D receiving a small contingent of non-affiliated MEPs.
  • With 21 members, Renew Europe receives the largest contingent of non-affiliated MEPs (~21% of its total).
  • MEPs members of smaller European political parties, such as the EFA and ECPM, are more evenly split with regards to their political group membership.
  • Non-affiliated MEPs are members, to varying degrees, of all political groups. Conversely, the PES, ID, EL, and the EGP has members that do not belong to a political group.

Geographical origin of MEPs members of European political parties



We extend our thanks to the Wikipedia community for dutifully and quickly recording changes in EP membership (in our case, for those have taken place since Sept. 2022).

You can find here the dataset used for these visualisations, in open, machine-readable format (CSV).

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